Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability

  • The Value of Email Whitelisting and How To


    There are many steps one can implement in order to improve the deliverability of email campaigns, ensure that emails are as inbox friendly as possible and enhance sender reputation. Getting subscribers to add your email address to their address book is a fool-proof way to ensure that your campaigns consistently reach the recipients inbox. This […]

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  • What IPv6 Means for Email Senders


    If you hang out with techies or follow tech-news, you may have heard that the world is running out of IPv4 IP addresses and that it will be replaced by the IPv6 protocol so everyone who wants an IP address can still have one. That’s good news and one less thing to worry about. Or […]

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  • Improving Delivery to Free Webmail Addresses


    Today, email marketers send to a substantial amount of free webmail addresses (those free email accounts you have from the likes of Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail and so on). In fact, according to recent statistics, free webmail addresses make up the vast majority of worldwide email accounts, accounting for 76% in 2014. So if you’re […]

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  • The Consequences of Spam Traps and Honeypots


    Spam trapping is a method used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to flush out potential spammers. If you send email to any spam traps in your email database, regardless of whether you’re producing the perfect email marketing campaigns, ISPs and Blacklist providers might consider you to be a spammer. For this reason, it is important […]

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  • Spam Complaints Influence On Email Marketing Success


    Open and click rates are the stats that most marketers monitor regularly, and rightly so. However, deliverability metrics such as bounce rates and spam complaints are just as important for tracking the success of your email marketing campaigns, maintaining a strong sender reputation and ensuring long-term deliverability. A spam complaint is a reactive complaint from […]

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  • Soft vs Hard Email Bounces


    When an email is not deliverable to the intended recipient, it is commonly known as a “bounce”. In a case like this, the receiving mail server will send a notification back to the sender address to inform them that the email has not been delivered. A bounce notification will include a reason for the bounce, which […]

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  • Email List Management Best Practices


    Email can be a really effective marketing tool for brands. There is so much potential to increase ROI, gain exposure, build relationships with your customers and support existing advertising and marketing campaigns. However, brands can make the mistake of purchasing lists via third-party subscription forms; with the hopes that this will expose them to a […]

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  • What is Behavioral Blacklisting?


    IP addresses known for distributing spam have been listed to reduce spam and limit the distribution of viruses or Trojan horses that debilitate systems and compromise data security. The downside to traditional blacklisting is that it is reactive. Before an IP address or domain can be blocked, it must be labelled as ‘bad’ and by […]

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  • Dos and Don’ts to avoid email blacklisting, and the junk folder


    Companies and other organisations (such as universities and governments) providing email to their staff, as well as mail hosting providers (such as Gmail and Hotmail) providing email to the public, put various measures in place to try to make sure their users get the emails they want, and block the emails they don’t want. The […]

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  • A Beginners Guide to Email Blacklisting


    Blacklisting is a term that applies to the practice of identifying spammers based on the IP’s and domains that they send email from, then compiling this information into a list that can be referenced by email servers, which then blocks email from those IP’s being delivered to the intended recipient. This is an essential part […]

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