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  • Get Better Results with A B Split Testing

    There are a lot of factors that can determine the success of an email marketing campaign – the subject line, the day and time it was sent, product images and calls-to-action used. The only way to know what works best for your campaigns is to experiment with these types of elements. The most common way […]

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  • Your Error-Free Email Campaign Checklist

    By implementing this effective email sign off process, you’ll guarantee a factual and error-free finished product. An email sign off process will help you avoid common email mistakes or miscommunications relating to your campaign. Whether your subscriber list is big or small, you can ensure that the brand message is communicated effectively and accurately. To […]

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  • HTML Email Coding Options

    In the early days, most email newsletters were typed up and sent directly from an email client, sometimes using a mail merge for personalisation, or a more visual document was attached as a PDF to an email. Then came the ability to obtain software that would allow you to send emails in bulk via an […]

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  • Crafting The Perfect Welcome Email

    Making a good impression is as important a life skill as it is a business advantage. And when it comes to email, ensuring your reader is locked in to your content is crucial, especially considering the amount of spam consumers are bombarded with on a daily basis. Welcome emails are a sure-fire way to make […]

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  • Holiday Email Marketing Guide 2014

    The festive season is in full swing – with locals and tourists out enjoying the festivities; sing-along Christmas tunes playing on every corner; and red, gold and green adorning every shopping centre, not to mention the number of email’s that are hitting your inbox! If you want to get Christmas email marketing messages out to […]

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  • 12 Tips That’ll Get Your Emails Opened & Read

    Contrary to popular belief, a subscriber list isn’t simply a collection of people who are inherently interested in receiving marketing emails. Though they may be interested in the product or service, tailoring messages according to individual interests and consumer behaviour is the best possible way to engage an audience for longer periods of time. Optimising […]

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  • 7 Steps to Creating an Effective Email Marketing Plan

    The purpose of a marketing plan is to ensure you get the best possible return on investment (ROI) from your email marketing efforts. Having an effective email marketing plan is a great way to stay focused when you have lots on the go; to keep track of your goals; and to monitor the success of […]

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  • 5 Email Reporting Metrics To Follow

    Understanding the results of your email marketing campaigns can help you understand  your audience better, accurately report on findings with confidence and help you make the most of your email reporting metrics and resources. Taking key metrics into account is the first step to improving your results. Start by deciding how you would define the […]

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  • Optimising Email Signup Forms for Increased Conversions

    Sign up forms are an important part of email marketing, building a database of potential clients and customers who engage with your mails and really want to hear about your product or service. But if you think that your subscriber list is becoming stagnant, or you’re wondering why your lists aren’t growing, perhaps consider if your […]

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  • Using Email Personalisation Effectively

    Email personalisation forms an important part of establishing a trusting and long-lasting relationship with your clients or customers. In fact, a study on personalisation in emails revealed that personalized emails had a 17.36% higher click through rate. Personalizing basic elements, such as subscribers’ names, birthdays and gender is a simple but effective way to do […]

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