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  • A practical guide to inbox delivery: The path to the heart

    The path to the heart of an inbox.If you didn’t read the first part in this series, or you skipped it, we introduced you to the history of why email delivery became tricky, and how this guide will help you to deliver email to the inbox.So if in the late ‘90’s the email industry was a […]

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  • A practical guide to inbox delivery: The story of bulk email

     Chapter 1: A brief history of why it’s hard to inbox I’m an opt in email sender. Why the “#$%@^!  wont these emails reach the inbox… You are not alone. Inbox placement is an unforgiving science that has driven even the most patient delivery admins to the edge of madness. This 4-part series on email delivery has been […]

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  • Retargeting

     TotalSend Enterprise: Retargeting Service TotalSend has added the services of a retargeting platform to our app in order to allow you to target your email list with web ads. Read below for a summary on this new addon.     What is retargeting? “Retargeting marks or tags online users who visit a certain brand website […]

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  • Your Error-Free Email Campaign Checklist

    By implementing this effective email sign off process, you’ll guarantee a factual and error-free finished product. An email sign off process will help you avoid common email mistakes or miscommunications relating to your campaign. Whether your subscriber list is big or small, you can ensure that the brand message is communicated effectively and accurately. To […]

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  • Using Email Personalisation Effectively

    Email personalisation forms an important part of establishing a trusting and long-lasting relationship with your clients or customers. In fact, a study on personalisation in emails revealed that personalized emails had a 17.36% higher click through rate. Personalizing basic elements, such as subscribers’ names, birthdays and gender is a simple but effective way to do […]

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  • HTML Email Coding Options

    In the early days, most email newsletters were typed up and sent directly from an email client, sometimes using a mail merge for personalisation, or a more visual document was attached as a PDF to an email. Then came the ability to obtain software that would allow you to send emails in bulk via an […]

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  • Understanding Email Spam Score

    To identify and filter out spam messages, mail servers rely spam filters. Spam filters run an assortment of criteria in a checklist which they use to determine an overall view on the validity of incoming mail. The main criteria a spam filter looks for is whether the email is in HTML format, if it includes […]

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  • Crafting The Perfect Welcome Email

    Making a good impression is as important a life skill as it is a business advantage. And when it comes to email, ensuring your reader is locked in to your content is crucial, especially considering the amount of spam consumers are bombarded with on a daily basis. Welcome emails are a sure-fire way to make […]

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  • Calculating The Value Of An Email Subscriber

    To realise the significance of your email marketing strategy, consider the economic value related to every subscriber on your email list. By being aware of the dollar amount related to each subscriber, you are in a much better position to make decisions regarding where to focus your energy and money. It’s also a concrete way […]

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  • The Importance of Testing Your Email Campaigns

    It might seem tedious to test every single email before you send it, especially if you’re using the same or a similar template for most of your campaigns. But especially if you’re working with the HTML directly, coding slipups can happen quite easily without even realising it. However, even if you are a HTML prodigy, […]

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