What is Contact Validation?

The TotalSend contact validation tool ensures that every email address on your list belongs to a real person. This combats the problem of subscribers using fake, disposable or non-existent email addresses, and guarantees your bounce rate will drop significantly.

How does TotalSend Contact Validator address this issue?

Contact validator queries hundreds of web platforms and social networks to gather information about an email address. We can then determine whether an email address is attached to social media profiles, business profiles or other online resources that use an email address to identify users. This means we can tell you whether an email address belongs to a real person, and who that person is.

The value of this is that people generally use their primary email addresses when signing up for social media sites, and so by making this connection you massively increase your chance of reaching a subscriber on their preferred email address.

This means you will not hit things like:

  • Spamtraps
  • Non-existent addresses
  • Disposable addresses
  • Fake addresses

How does this affect your e-mail marketing results?

Below are some results reproduced from a client that worked with us during Beta testing, who had a challenge to reactivate a list of 6 Million subscribers that had been built up over more than a decade and seldom mailed. The first reactivation send returned the following stats:


We then processed this list using contact validator, and received the followed results on a subsequent send.



The list size was reduced by 90%. This may sound extreme, until you examine what this meant for our testing partner.

  • 74% reduction in mailing costs.
  • >400% increase in ROI from campaign to campaign.
  • A small and definable segment of engaged subscribers.
  • The ability to inbox their newsletter on a sustainable basis.


List size>10000>100000>500000>1000000
Price per email$0.0030$0.0025$0.0015$0.0010
Price per 1000 emails$3.0000$2.5000$1.5000$1.0000

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