The Dos & Don’ts of Email Marketing Automation

dos & donts of email marketing automation

Email marketing automation involves using user data or user actions to trigger automated communications to customers in your database. This notion of being able to automate mass customization of communication has some great advantages, but also some serious pitfalls, which you need to be aware of as they can prohibit the proper execution of your campaigns.

Email marketing automation is commonly seen as a detailed diagram that has been set up to segment emails, divided by email engagement and connected from lead to customer. In theory this sounds peachy, but in reality it’s often one of the least effective methods of email marketing if it’s not used correctly. It often takes away the responsibility of the marketer to fully understand the consumer, and as a result everyone starts to be treated the same.

For an email marketer to effectively use email marketing automation they need to entrench themselves into the consumers’ minds; it should not be a process of setting up a mailer, sending it out to consumers and then forgetting about it. So if you want to understand email marketing automation a bit better and use it to the best of its capacity, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Some common dos and don’ts of email marketing automation:

The first ‘do’ is that you actually need to sign up and do it. You won’t realise the benefits of email marketing automation unless you actually become part of it.The benefits can outweigh the downfalls if you are using the tool correctly. In the initial phase of setting up your marketing automation you can expect quick wins, as this will be the first time customers are exposed to your brand via this automation. The trick from here on is to constantly keep a sense of intrigue and engage with the consumer.

Another thing to do is make sure that it ties in with other efforts and strategies put in place by your sales and marketing team. By working these strategies together, the automation of mail will often ensure a high quality of leads from the marketing.

To ensure that your emails are as personal as possible, do make sure to target and segment prospects and leads. You need to use all the information that you are able to collect and you need to focus this into your next campaign.

TotalSend allows for this management, as they supply you with behaviour data from the consumer, and you are then able to manage this data to effectively communicate and relay relevant information back to the consumer.

  • Do make sure that you are always on top of the game. When real time notifications come in, take action immediately. Make sure this information is relevant and helpful. All automation must be developed with the perspective of the user in mind. Providing utility to the user is always the acid test for whether a communication should be sent,
  • Do use this tool as a method for further engagement and reengagement campaigns. Make sure to nurture leads so that you can place them in relevant drip campaigns (these pre-scheduled messages are often automated after a certain behaviour occurs) and ensure interest is revived and maintained with the consumer.
  • Do make sure to monitor how active the prospective consumer is on your site; as well as how compatible they are with your company. This can be done by lead scoring and grading, giving you the ability to automate the lead qualification and build detailed customer profiles over time.
  • Do make sure to keep your database clean and that all the emails received are up to date. Luckily the dos outweigh the don’ts…
  • Don’t think that money can buy you a better functioning system; platforms like Total Send are well within your price range and can perform the same functions.
  • Don’t use the tool to spam prospective clients; most marketing automation tools should be CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Don’t think that this tool will create the content for you. Marketers need to realise they are in control of the message they send, they need to perform A/B testing on all aspects of the email.
  • Most importantly, don’t send and forget. You need to be in control of measuring, adjusting and managing based on data.

A marketing automation suite simply provides the functionality that is required to execute a good communications strategy, and while these features are impressive and open up the scope of what can be achieved, you need to drive the strategy.