• Benefits

    • Easy To Use

    • Secure and Safe

    • Enterprise Grade Software

    • Instant Delivery World Wide

    • Improved Engangement With Your Clients

  • Constantly Improving

    Using client feedback to improve our platform, we’ve managed to:
    • Get worldwide delivery of SMS using priority routing.
    • Allow customers to purchase prepaid credits or get billed at month end.
    • Shorten links automatically within your SMS campaigns.
    • Test and Preview your SMS designs effortlessly.
  • Simple Integration

    • We support all popular programming languages for an easy integration.
    • Using our REST API You can automate all your SMS requirements.
    • And utilise a single interface for both marketing and transactional SMS.
  • Transactional SMS

    • Send confirmations, one time pins, verifications, password resets and more non-commercial messages to your contacts.
    • Ensure that your time-sensitive message get to your customer on time.
    • Follow the performance of your SMS messages with in-depth transactional reporting.
  • Manage Your Inbox

    • View SMS replies to your marketing campaign sent.
    • Easily Manage opt-outs and subscriptions.
  • Track and Analyse

    • Monitor SMS delivery reports.
    • View the campaign reports for opens, and clicks.
    • View list reporting for new opt-ins and unsubscribes.
  • Quickly Create Campaigns

    • Design your SMS template for a marketing campaign.
    • Understand the associated costs before sending.
    • Schedule delivery or send immediately.
    • Socially broadcast your SMS campaign and view replies within the TotalSend platform.
    • Insert and track web links into your SMS campaigns.
  • Manage Your Contacts

    • Easily upload or capture your contact information.
    • Massive list? Our platform imports your data in the background and alerts you when it's done.
    • Manage your lists, search for contacts and edit data easily.
    • Track contact activity and view conversations.
    • Personalise your SMS campaigns with as many custom fields as you like.
  • Painless integration

    Choose between our flexible HTTP and SMTP APIs for integration. Click here to schedule a demo with one of our account managers
  • Reliable analytics

    TotalSend will accurately track deliveries, bounces & spam reports, so you'll know how effective your email sending is.
  • What exactly is transactional email?

    Transactional email refers to emails that are triggered based on a specific action a customer performs, and sent automatically based on a set of rules setup on your customer database. Some examples might be:
    • An order confirmation mail when purchasing online.
    • A thank-you email for downloading a whitepaper.
    In essence, transactional email allows you to send people emails relevant to their actions rather than simply general broadcast marketing email. If you interact with your customers online, you should have a transactional email system in place.
  • Transactional Email from TotalSend

    • TotalSend provides transactional email sending that is scalable, reliable and incredibly easy to integrate into your existing systems.
    • We handle the delivery and infrastructure details, freeing you up from maintaining an expensive and complex SMTP infrastructure.
  • Create Beautiful Email Newsletters

    • Build an email campaign from scratch
    • Evolve existing mailers
    • Import your database
    • Use our templates for easy, clean design
    • Customise design for your brand or business
    • Share across social platforms
    • Track & measure results
  • Design

    Bring your brand to life through email with our built-in, ready-made templates & easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor.

  • Send

    Send now, send later, save as draft or send on a trigger. Pause and resume your campaign at the click of a button.

  • Track

    Use Google Analytics to track open rates, referrals, bounce-rates, click-throughs and conversions. See what you’re doing right, change what you’re doing wrong.

  • Social

    Share your email campaigns across popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Subscriber List Management

    Unlimited Custom Fields: Import & dynamically insert subscriber information including name, age, gender, country, etc. Segmentation: Target smart groups of subscribers based on their personal details and their previous engagement. Subscription Forms: Automatically generate the code to insert on your website.

  • Automate

    Enjoy integrated quality control as we:

    • monitor bounces
    • track & implement unsubscriptions
    • track & monitor spam complaints
    • automatically remove problematic addresses
  • Infrastructure

    • Cloud Based Servers:

      Our servers are based in multiple cloud based data centers in New York, London and Amsterdam, meaning 24-hour access to your data and failsafe redundancy.
    • Port 25’S PowerMTA:

      TotalSend uses PowerMTA, the most powerful mail server on the internet, enabling us to handle millions of deliveries per hour.
    • ISP Relationships:

      TotalSend has hands-on relationships with key ISPs including Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc, ensuring delivery issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • Integration

    TotalSend’s fully-featured API with 70+ commands makes it easy to merge it with your current online system, across all digital devices, without any hassles.
  • Other Notable Features

    Developer-friendly: The TotalSend API accepts connections through HTTP POST or JavaScript, and sends responses in XML, JSON and PHP, so it is compatible with most programming languages. Personalised Emails: Automatically personalize your emails with the names of your recipients. A/B Split Testing: Send different version of your mailer and test which does better. Subscription Forms: Create subscribe forms in seconds and get connected to your audience. Affordable: TotalSend is a premium mail service at a competitive price Client Service: Got an urgent problem? Give us a call and we will sort it out.