Adding Subscribers to Lists

Adding subscribers is a relatively easy-to-do task that you may do on a regular basis depending on your account needs. Subscribers are all the email addresses in your account that you send emails to and can hold a variety of custom information that can be created in the form of “custom fields” Subscribers can be added to a list in 3 ways:

  1. Manually – from the TotalSend Front-end
  2. Subscription Form – This is a form on your website
  3. API – This is where your system uses the API with your account login details to run imports to your account remotely.

Adding subscribers from within your account can be done by following these steps: Navigate to your lists by clicking on the [LISTS] menu button at the top of the page. image003 Now you should see all the lists in your account. image004 Click on the name of the list that you would like to add the subscriber(s) to. image005 You will now be taken to that list’s overview page. Copy and paste – Choosing this option means that you will either enter the email addresses by typing them in, or you will “copy & paste” them from a text file or other source. image007 Once you have entered the email addresses into the provided box there are 2 settings to choose from that relate to your custom fields if any. (Note that each new subscriber entry needs to be on a new line.) image008 Fields terminated by * – This is what you use to tell the system when a field ends and a new field begins. Your options are: Comma (,), Semicolon (;) and Tab (\t) Assuming we have 2 fields of data per subscriber, Email address and Name, they are represented in the following ways:

Comma – [email protected],George [email protected],Sally

Semicolon – [email protected];George [email protected];Sally

Tab – [email protected]\tGeorge [email protected]\tSally

Fields enclosed by * – This dependent on the program you use to format your subscribers and should only be set if your fields are enclosed in quotes. Your options are: Single quote (‘) and Double quote (“) Assuming we have 2 fields of data per subscriber, Email address and Name, and they are terminated by commas, they are represented in the following ways:

Single quote – [email protected],’George’ [email protected],’Sally’

Double quote – [email protected],”George” [email protected],”Sally”

When you are done, click the “Next” button at the bottom right of the page to proceed.

image009 Next is the mapping stage where you will map the email address and other custom fields to their corresponding field. image010 Just use the drop down menus to choose the corresponding fields. image011 For adding subscribers, leave the import settings as the default “Don’t add to suppression list” image012

Now you will need to choose whether to activate the last 2 settings which are as follows:

Update subscriber information of duplicates with import data –
This will overwrite duplicate email addresses with new custom field information brought in by the current import. (This is active by default). If this is disabled, then duplicates will be ignored by the import and will appear as duplicates in the import results page.

Trigger auto responders, subscription behaviours, web services and update statistics –
This will activate any processes on your account that are set up to activate on subscription. By default this is active for subscription forms but must be manually selected when subscribers are added manually.

There is a note to warn you that activating this may slow down the import process as the system needs to check and run any responses that are in place for that list.
image013 Once you are happy with your settings, simply click the “Next” button. image009 You will now be taken to the results page where you can see a summary of the import. image015

This will provide information on the number of subscribers you entered, how many were successfully imported, how many were duplicates, and how many (if any) failed.

If any subscribers happen to fail on import, you will be provided a link to download the failed subscribers to a CSV file for reference and correction.

You have now completed the process for adding subscribers.