Adding Subscribers to Suppression Lists

In TotalSend, a suppression list is a list of email addresses that have been marked as a kind of ‘hands off’ for the mailing system, and will subsequently not be sent any emails if they are seen by the system as ‘suppressed’ or ‘on a suppression list’

There are 2 types of suppression in your TotalSend account:


Local Suppression:

This is where an email address is ‘suppressed’ only on the particular list it is subscribed to and will only receive emails sent to other lists it is subscribed to but not ‘suppressed’ on. To remove this type of suppression, a subscriber must be deleted from the list it is suppressed on.

Local suppression occurs naturally in your account when a subscriber unsubscribes from the list they are on.


Global Suppression:

This is where and email address is ‘suppressed’ across the entire account regardless of which list (if any) it is subscribed to. Deleting the subscriber from all lists (with the exception of the Global Suppression List) will not remove its global suppression and this can only be done by removing the email address from the Global Suppression List.

Global suppression occurs naturally in your account when an email address hard bounces or reports and email as spam.


To add a subscriber to a suppression list manually, you can follow these simple steps:

Navigate to your lists by clicking on the [LISTS] menu button at the top of the page.


Now you should see all the lists in your account.


Click on the name of the list that you would like to suppress the subscriber from. If you wish to suppress them globally, simply select any list.


You will now be taken to that list’s overview page.


Click on the “Add Subscribers” button near the top right hand side of the screen.


You will now need to choose how to add the “soon to be suppressed” subscribers. I have chosen the “Copy and Paste” option.


Now just enter the email addresses into the provided box and leave the settings as they are unless you use a different format. Don’t worry about any other information besides the email address as it is not relevant to suppression.



Next, map the email address to the corresponding field.

image008 Now simply choose whichever option suits your purpose: image009 This will add the subscribers to the global suppression list on import. image010 This will add the subscribers to this list’s suppression list on import. image009 Once you are finished, click next and you are done.