Reviewing a Campaign

Once you have completed the creation of content for any of the above methods of creation, you will be taken to the review stage where you will preview the email and determine if the content is displaying correctly for your subscribers.

The first testing option you have is to send a preview email to any email addresses you own.
These emails will use the data from the first subscriber in your selected list as custom field information. Additionally, the subject line will be prefixed with the word Preview. This is to indicate that the email is a preview email and serves to allow you to identify it more readily.

Email preview options

Simply enter in one or more email address(s) into the given window and click the [Send Preview Email] button

The second option is to view the email in your web browser and should be the most forgiving of HTML renderers.
If your email is not displaying correctly in your web browser, it is almost guaranteed not to display correctly in your subscribers email clients.

 Preview on browser

Simply click the “Preview on browser” option, then click the [Preview Campaign] button.

The next section is the “Email Content Analysis” which provides you with information about your HTML code, and should be used in conjunction with the “Spam Filter Test” to determine what elements may be unbalanced.

Content Analysis

The next section is the “Spam Filter Test” which will give you the results of your campaign being run through the popular spam filter “Spam Assassin”.

Spam filter test

You will see a list of rules which each have a score, along with a total score which gives you an idea of whether you email will go to the spam filter because of your content.

A score above 3 is undesirable.
A score of 5 is a one way ticket to the spam folder.
A score below 3 is deliverable but you want to get the number as low as possible.

It is possible to get a negative score if you are whitelisted. But this is not always a likely scenario.

The next section is the “Design Test”

Create a design test

Clicking the [Create a New Design Test] button will refresh the page and generate a grid of thumbnails displaying your email and most of the commonly used email clients. You can click on a thumbnail to enlarge it.

Use this function to determine if a particular email client is having trouble with your design.

Once you are finished with the reviewing of your email. Click the [Save & Next] button to complete your campaign.

Save & Next



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