Role Based Email Addresses

Traditionally, role-based email addresses have been addresses used by companies that are defined by a position/job in the company rather than an individual. Whilst the majority of role-based addresses can be imported to your list, there are a few exceptions associated with high bounce rates and spam complaints that we block from list imports. The following are the role-based prefixes that Total Send blocks from bulk importing: root@* postmaster@* www@* admin@* webmaster@* web@* webadmin@* postfix@* exim@* abuse@* noc@* security@* sysadmin@* compliance@* registrar@* An example of a role-based email address would be [email protected] If the list you are importing includes role-based addresses or there are role-based subscribers already, you'll need to manually manage these addresses. The following is our recommendation on how to import and manage role-based addresses:

  • First navigate to your lists on your Total Send account.
  • Select the list you would like to add the role-based email addresses to.
  • Click on the Add Subscribers button.
  • Select the Subscriber Form option.
  • From here, just enter the email address and any custom fields or settings.
  • This is typically the only way to add a role-based email address to a list.