Marketers, don’t miss the mobile email bus (Infographic)

Recent research from ReturnPath suggests that mobile email open rates have increased by a massive 300% over the past two years, with more emails now opened on mobile devices than on traditional desktop computers. Check out some more massive mobile stats in this Infographic:
Email Marketing Infographic

Email Marketing Infographic - Email is Mobile

Despite these impressive stats, few companies consider mobile email, choosing instead to employ a one-size-fits-all approach to their email marketing campaigns, running the risk of alienating their audiences and having their communications falling on deaf ears.  Here are top 3 tips to stay on top of mobile email:
  1. Know your audience - Track and analyse your email campaigns, carefully assessing the percentage of mobile and desktop users engaging with your emails. By understanding your audience and how they interact with these tools, you’ll be far better placed to develop an effective campaign.
  2. Optimise appearance and usability – Incorporate responsive design into your email coding to enable them to be automatically scaled for whichever device they are opened on. Simpler designs that can be applied across a range of handsets, regardless of screen size and pixels available are more likely to result in click-throughs and conversions.
  3. Build a user journey – The growing trend towards mobile is largely driven by convenience and by developing an intuitive mobile email campaign, which effectively anticipates consumer behaviour patterns, will enable you to connect with an ever-growing mobile audience.  Ask the questions, what are the next steps in a user’s journey? Will click-through links take users to mobile-friendly landing pages? Can your consumer purchase your product or sign-up for your service directly from their phone?

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Marketers, don’t miss the mobile email bus (Infographic) - courtesy of Infographic courtesy of TotalSend Email Marketing

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