TotalSend Enterprise: Retargeting Service


TotalSend has added the services of a retargeting platform to our app in order to allow you to target your email list with web ads. Read below for a summary on this new addon.


TotalSend Retargeting


What is retargeting?

“Retargeting marks or tags online users who visit a certain brand website with a pixel or a cookie, and then serves banner ads only to the people who have shown at least some amount of engagement with the original brand. Retargeting ad campaigns usually run on lower cost media, such as display ads, which not only increases effectiveness by specifically targeting an interested audience, but also improves the overall ROI of the advertiser.” - Wikipedia "Behavioral retargeting"


TotalSend's approach to retargeting

TotalSend allows you to target your email list with web ads. This allows you the following utilities:

1.) Email retargeting:  Anyone who opens your email campaigns may now be targeted with ads on the web.

This means that when you send an email, all recipients that open the email will be added to your retargeting campaign and will now begin to see your ads as they browse the web. You can control what ads they see, how long a campaign lasts as well as the frequency with which they will see your ads.

Email retargeting

2.) CRM email retargeting:

This involves loading your entire list of emails to the retargeting service. Our technology starts by profiling the email addresses in your CRM or subscriber list, and matching these to profiles on Web Ad networks (such as Google Display Network). In this process, all data is hashed, and so your email addresses are never shared or exposed to third parties. Once we have matched an email address to ad network cookies, we are able to target that specific person as they browse the web, with your custom ads. This does not require that a customer has previously opened an email from you, it simply requires that ad networks such as Google have a record of that address.

CRM Retargeting


How do E-mail and display work together? 

By using banner re-targeting alongside your email campaigns, you repeatedly expose users to your campaign as opposed to the once off exposure offered by email. This brings users back to your site on a regular basis.

  • This is a massive step forward in the conversion process, due to the fact that most conversions happen after multiple interactions with a brand. This is a huge step forward in the acquisition and retention cycle for companies looking to improve their conversion and retention rates.
  • The click through rates from this type of targeted web advertising is vastly higher than standard banner advertising, and more importantly, drives high quality traffic that already has an interest in your brand. The reason for this is that you are only spending money on targeting the people that are interested in your product.


TotalSend Retargeting Platform


Retargeting pricing is transparent and entirely dependant on the performance metrics you set.

Get Started:

TotalSend retargeting is now live.Whether you are an existing TotalSend user or not, simply click the button below to send us a mail and we will get back to you with your account setup and get you started.



*Note that the TotalSend re-targeting service is not supported for the following content: gaming, "get rich quick", "make money online", Forex, or payday loans.