The unveiling of SMS by TotalSend

TotalSend has decided that the time has come to unveil its next generation SMS architecture that is sure to impress - geared up for security, high volume and ease of use. With the convergence of email and SMS (marketing and transactional), TotalSend provides a consolidated dual channel communication platform allowing business owners and marketers to:

  1. Manage campaigns seamlessly across email and SMS.
  2. Reach audience based on their choice of platform.
  3. Integrate and automate SMS and email campaigns effortlessly.
  4. Gain insights for both email & SMS on a single platform.

Why SMS marketing software?
SMS tends to have a high open rate between 95 -98%, so you can be assured that your message, whether marketing or alert will be read or actioned in most instances. Other reasons to use SMS are because:

  1. It’s instant - delivering your message within seconds to the recipient.
  2. It’s ubiquitous - meaning that it works on virtually all mobile phones.
  3. Seriously cost effective – We are able to offer a revised pricing structure that will cut client costs by an expected 30-50% when consolidating email and SMS marketing service onto one platform.

Marketing SMS
The SMS marketing app is simple to use. Easily create and schedule an SMS campaign, and even broadcast to social. Monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns and comparing those with previous campaigns sent is easier than ever before through the SMS reporting dashboard.

Transactional SMS
TotalSend’s REST API allows you to easily integrate your own system with TotalSend and begin sending transactional SMS immediately, allowing you to rapidly send through even the most critical SMS alerts such as balance enquiries, password resets or confirmation SMSs.

Here at TotalSend, we are constantly striving to provide our clients with real value by implementing a rock-solid platform that can handle great tasks, including:

  1. Big data - this platform is geared up for safe and secure data analytics & segmentation. Importing data is easier than ever before with background uploading, allowing you to continue working on campaigns whilst uploads are taking place. When an upload is complete, you will be notified – this particularly useful for large amounts of data being uploaded.
  2. High volumes - Our architecture is geared for high volume sending and incorporates sophisticated queuing mechanisms to manage high volumes, ensuring your messages get delivered on time.

We are proud to say that our next generation architecture is safe and secure, extremely fast, easy to use, affordable and all round reliable. And we're looking forward to the official launch! However you can contact us today to get early access, or go here for more info on the SMS features.